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Safeguarding the Planet

At Vault 53 Rum, we pride ourselves on being a family-run business that understands the profound impact of the industry on our environment. We are fully committed to safeguarding the planet for future generations, and we’ve taken deliberate steps to ensure our production process minimizes our carbon footprint.

Reducing our Footprint

To reduce our carbon impact, we have implemented several key measures. Our distillery runs on electricity and when possible we have derived the energy from renewable sources, allowing us to operate with a smaller environmental footprint. Furthermore, we prioritize recyclable packaging and actively seek locally sourced merchandise to reduce the distance our products travel before reaching our customers.

Carbon Offsetting

While we acknowledge that, like any business, it is impossible to completely eliminate our environmental impact, we strive to mitigate it as much as possible. By ordering our ingredients, packaging, and products in large quantities, we minimize CO2 emissions associated with transportation. Nevertheless, we recognize that some emissions are unavoidable. To counterbalance these, we have partnered with Moor Trees, a local charity based on Dartmoor that plants trees to help capture carbon.

Our ultimate objective is to achieve carbon negativity. While there are certain CO2 emissions we cannot eliminate entirely, such as those associated with shipping molasses, farming sugar cane, glass bottle production, and transportation, we actively seek sustainable alternatives whenever feasible.

Why Moor Trees?

From the offset we knew we wanted to offset the carbon we produced, we also wanted to, where possible, work with local companies & charities to do so. Our search started with some of the big companies offering carbon offsetting all around the globe. We however felt that what they offered is not right for us, we were worried about the long-term sustainability of these causes and where our contributions would end up.
So, after some further research, we came across Moor trees. A fantastic charity, who are working towards the restoration of the native woodland that used to exist all across Dartmoor. They are based locally, a short journey up the road from our home in Plymouth, they work closely with other local groups, organisations, schools & charities sharing knowledge and education on the importance of future guarding the environment.
Although they are not accredited to be able to offer the carbon neutral certification, they helped us calculate how many trees we need to plant to offset the carbon we use in our rum production. It is important to us to know that the money we are donating is going into local projects and making a sustainable difference to the environment and ecologically system. With Moor Trees being local this has allowed us to go and visit Moor Trees and see their plant nurseries, meet the team allowed us to help in the process from taking the seed to tree, an experience and level of involvement we felt we wouldn’t achieve working with an international organisation.

At Vault 53 Rum, we are dedicated to producing exceptional spirits while prioritizing environmental stewardship.

Join us on our journey towards a greener future and indulge in our carbon-conscious creations.