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Carbon Capture

Creating Native Woodland

Moor Trees mission is to recreate native broadleaf woodland across Dartmoor and South Devon, to form a mosaic of restored habitat improving biodiversity and offering significant benefits to fight climate change.

These woodlands coexist with farming, archaeology, and recreation, connecting people to nature and their heritage. We know that carbon dioxide emissions are a major contributor to climate change and by planting trees with Moor Trees it helps lock up carbon as they grow and mature.

Our new native woodlands help to prevent flooding, provide habitat for precious woodland wildlife and by connecting and growing woodland areas, gives wildlife a greater chance of adapting to climate change. In our 2022/23 tree planting season, we planted 18,903 trees and we look to increase our numbers every year, planting over 150,000 trees to date!


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May contain water…

Local, Fresh and Natural Water

Devonia sources its water from a spring that bubbles up on the edge of a meadow near the villages of Beeson and Beesands, less than a mile from the sea and about three miles from Start Point in South Devon.

The well was capped and secured years ago, and is believed to have been the main source of fresh water, for centuries, for these twin South Hams villages. It also supplied many sailors over the generations, who stopped in the lee of Start Point to shelter from storms.

The water has a natural soft taste and we carbonate lightly to leave a refreshing sensation in your mouth.